A Zany Game of Improv and Antics! Players will each choose one of four Challenges for the Active Player to complete before the timer runs out!

  • Vocal Lines
  • Actions & Motions
  • Facial Expressions
  • Vocal Impressions

Now that you've seen how the cards work (above), let's look at how the challenges work!

Vocal Lines

These are the phrases that the Active Player must say as directed by the card. Sometimes they must say it to each player (or everyone who is in the play area), while other times they must repeat it as many times as presecribed by the card.

Actions & Motions

This Challenge describes how the Active Player must perform or behave. Maybe they will have to ride a pretend horse or drive and invisible race car, even hop on one foot.

Facial Expressions

Wiggle Your nose, Juggle One eye and then the other, and many more facial contortions will be described fore the Active Player to do.

Vocal Impressions

Give it your best go at immitating a famous personality, or an alien, maybe even give it your all using a foreign accent.

Each Challenge must be pefornmed silmultaneously before the timer runs out in order to win the points presctibed by the chosen Challenge.

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